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The Musical

cLock Down was written during the covid-19 pandemic with the main purpose to keep art and culture alive.

Having all the children of the world in lockdown for the first time, without knowing until when, could create negative effects.

This was when an original story was born, a story that makes a magical analogy about the negative emotions we find in quarantine – Sadness, Fear, and Anger – and how we can play with them so that we can find happiness and positivity among these feelings.

cLock Down is narrated by an old grandma, remembering how she was able to overcome lockdown many, many years ago, in the kingdom where she was living – Tic Toc Town – a magical kingdom where time and clocks were alive and part of the lives of everyone, until the day they stopped due to the arrival of a wizard: Vyraz and his Rattlesnake, Influenza.

Grandma Teresa al Dente explains how she was able to be happy and stop the lockdown, and how we, all together can do it as well, through interactive games that will be played Live during the musical with all the viewers.

It’s not a show just for kids and family, but for everyone who loves musical theatre and having fun!

You can decide to be one
of two types of guests


Grab your popcorns and snacks, sit down in the comfort of your house and enjoy the entire musical while not only seeing the characters, but people around the world interacting with the characters at the same time!


Grab the ingredients and materials from the list we sent you, and get ready to participate with the characters in our games, while watching the musical!

How to Watch cLock Down?

Step 1

Once you buy your ticket, you will receive an email with a link and information on how to participate.

Step 2

cLockDown will take place on the ZOOM platform. Download ZOOM for free on the device that you will use to watch the show (computer, tablet or cellphone), If you’d rather watch the show on your TV, do that by connecting your computer directly via HDMI or connecting your devices to an apple tv, chromecast or similar devices. (don’t forget that in order to do this second option you need to first enter in the zoom room and then connect to the device)

Step 3

For top quality sound, you should enable “original sound” on ZOOM (if you don’t know how to do this, click here).

Our Magical

Teresa al Dente

A one of a kind Portuguese grandma who lived in a similar lock-down situation during her childhood in Tic Toc Town.

Young Teresa al Dente

The daughter every parent would like to have. She sees good in everything, even when things are bad.


A Wizard who loves himself more than anything, loves to be admired and praised. An egocentric creature who flies around the world to open, in each Kingdom, his 7 special stores franchise.

Queen O’Clock

A monarch who has a special relationship with Time itself. She lived a peaceful and happy life while ruling over Tic Toc Town and its people.


A Spanish rattlesnake known since 1919, an evil creature with the power of hypnosis.


A new kind of Elf, with a super fun personality, that lives to protect and take care of grandma Teresa al Dente


Teresa’s only pet, a Fish that loves show-business and has only one big fear: Kitchens!

Lady Sadness

Once a simple servant in Vyraz castle, which was transformed into an emotion, to spread sadness and tears on all homes of Tic Toc Town.

Lady Fear

Once a simple servant in Vyraz castle, which was transformed into an emotion, to spread scary screams on all homes of Tic Toc Town.

Lady Anger

Once a simple servant in Vyraz castle, which was transformed into an emotion, to spread rage and fury on all homes of Tic Toc Town.

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